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Once upon a Thanksgiving break, a brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa were excited to travel from cold, snowy Wisconsin to the magical land of Universal Studios in sunny Orlando, Florida!

The first leg of their trip went smoothly, but as they were about to get on their connecting flight to Florida, things went south quickly.

Or rather, things DIDN’T go South quickly. Delay after delay kept pushing off their flight. Mechanical problems, de-icing of the wings, calling for a different plane. By the time they got into their hotel at 1:30 am (seven hours past their itinerary ETA), they were exhausted, hungry, and irritated with each other and the situation.

And they all lived crankily ever after.

Travel stress happens! If only Mom’s Essential Oil tote hadn’t been packed in the checked baggage! A few key oils would have helped calm everyone down so they could better deal with these unexpected bumps.

Any of the oils and blends mentioned in STEP 10 (Nervous Travelers) apply to stressful travel situations. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “nervous traveler,” it’s a good idea to keep calming oils and blends within reach in case you come up against a stressful situation.

It’s also important to keep spirits high and moods uplifted during times of travel stress. When you’re in a good mood, it’s easier to look at setbacks and inconveniences as part of the adventure, or as stories that will be funny when you look back on them later.

Citrus Oils are very uplifting to mood. They are energizing and refreshing and give off a fresh, sweet scent that most people love. Citrus aromas increase feelings of happiness and decrease stress. So, make sure you have your favorite Citrus Oils handy for yourself and to share with those around you when travel doesn’t go according to plan.

Citrus Oils include Lemon, Wild Orange, Bergamot, Lime, Tangerine, and Grapefruit. And don’t forget the blends that are made up of Citrus Oils: Invigorating Blend, Encouraging Blend, and Uplifting Blend.


• Diffuse or smell directly out of the bottle to help uplift mood when you need a pick-me-up.

• Put one or two drops on your wrist and rub both wrists together for a great everyday perfume. 

• Add one or two drops to lotion and apply topically.

• Put one or two drops in your water. (Does NOT apply to all blends. Please check bottle for nutrition information.)

CAUTION: Many Citrus Oils (and blends containing Citrus Oils) are phototoxic. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for 12 hours after applying topically. Be especially careful about using Citrus Oils topically if your travels take you to a warm and sunny location.


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