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“We’re off on the road to Morocco…”

So sang Bing Crosby and Bob Hope at the beginning of perhaps the most famous of their “Road Movies.”

Where will your road take you this year?

Traveling can be low key and routine—a business trip—or it can be a great adventure—a family vacation or anniversary voyage.

Wherever you’re going, and whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you’ll want your Essential Oils packed and ready to support you during your journey.

But questions abound:

• Which oils should you bring?

• Which ones are must-haves for traveling and which can stay at home?

• What’s the best way to pack them?

• How can you diffuse on the go?

• And are you even allowed to bring Essential Oils on an airplane?

We’ll explore those questions and many more in this class.

Let’s start with a couple basic travel tips about aromatic use:

If you regularly use a diffuser, you’ll want to pack it to use at your destination. You won’t want to go a week—or even just a couple days—without your Restful Blend at night or your morning wake-up blend of Peppermint and Wild Orange. So, make sure your diffuser and any oils you diffuse daily are packed.

During travel, aromatic use of oils is a bit trickier than when you are settled in at your destination. Using a diffuser while traveling is easy if you’re traveling by car. Many travel diffusers plug into your car lighter or USB port and fit in a cup holder. There are even lightweight, battery-operated diffusers!

But if you’re traveling by bus, train, or air, you probably won’t be able to use a diffuser during travel. Why? Well, you should always consider the comfort of other travelers. Everybody has different scent preferences and sensitivities, so even if you have a battery-powered diffuser, it’s not practical (or appreciated by some of your neighbors) to blast it for the entire bus or airplane to smell.

In this case, your best bet is probably topical application in a location you can smell easily. So, apply to the chest or the back of the neck. Or put a couple drops of Essential Oil in your lotion and apply to the hands. Then you can cup your hands near your face and inhale when you’d like a quick, aromatic burst of support.

So you do NOT have to give up your Essential Oils if you’re traveling with strangers; it just requires a bit of planning.